Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Spending money on top-notch web design without a search engine strategy is like building a store underground—you’ll miss valuable traffic and profit opportunities. Trying to fix a site later on costs you time and money.
You want to work with a Drupal shop that understands search engine optimization and can incorporate it early on in the design process.

What do search engines do?

  • They index text and pages
  • They find these pages by following links (crawling the web)
  • They measure the number of links coming in from other sites (link popularity)
  • They rank your site for any given search term based on the words on your page, HTML tags and the link popularity of your page.

To index your site, search engines have to know you exist
They usually find you by following a link from another site or when you submit a site map. They then find the deeper pages in your site by following links within your site. If your navigational structure is poorly planned, the search engine won’t “see” all of your content.

We design your site so that it’s easy for search engines to:

  • Find you
  • Index all of your pages and content
  • “See” your pages as relevant for your most important keywords (what words your visitors would type in a search engine to find you)

Should you require extensive SEO

  • Incorporating your keywords into Meta tags, page titles and link text
  • Conducting keyword research
  • Creating alternative text for images
  • Structuring your content in a way that shows what’s important on each page
  • Creating a sitemap for the engines to find your pages.
  • Refining your copy to maximize your relevance for your most important keywords